“I did not abandon Bhonzo,”says Timmy

Timmy has disputed claims that he abandoned his colleague, Bhonzo at a time of need. Timmy, real name Timothy Tapfumanei was a popular comedian along with Lawrance Simbarashe, popularly known as Bhonzo, who has been going through trying times. Timmy says they have lined up another production that will resurrect Timmy na Bhonzo. Mudhara handina kumurasa (I did not abandon him), we spend a lot of time talking discussing social,serious and many issues,” Timmy said. Timmy naBhonzo was a popular comedy on ZTV and Timmy’s efforts to go solo have not given the audience a production that can match the original Timmy na Bhonzo. Now a production featuring Bonzo has been lined up with Timmy claiming his colleague needs more than just material help.

“Most of our fans have been complaining that I abandoned him. Hee Timmy warasa mudhara wako. Where is your mdara? Come back together. So we are back na mudahra Bhonzo now,” he added.

“I Timmy as the closest buddy of mudhara bhonzo will not feel comfortable when I watch mudhara begging for a dollar, food, clothes and basic life needs. It is better if mdara moves around with a bag full of DVDs of his work selling to his fans for a dollar,” said Timmy.

“I know most of you remember us from the old days as we used to come out on ZTV with him. We last did our TV act a long time back, around 2002. Since that time, we have never done any work for TV together though I have done some alone”. Timmy said he is aware Bonzo has not been well but he is determined to ensure he bounces back.

“Mudhara is still very strong because when I ;called him to say, mdara, let us do what we used to do, I thought I was going to get a challenge but hey, surprisingly, mdhara is still there, he is still doing it. Unfortunately, his voice is no longer that audible. We will try to work on the voice to make sure that our production will come out as good as we were expecting”.

He added that they will soon announce the date for the launch of the DVD. “The Dvd comedy will be launched at the date to be announced. It is going to feature mudhara Bonzo himself. So Zimbabweans must brace for real comedy. He is still very strong,” said Timmy.

Apart from the planned comedies, he said that are planning to make a movie together.

“Soon after releasing this “The Return of Timmy na Bonzo comedy, we are to launch a movie together,” he said. Timmy’s statement come after he recently teamed up with business man Stan Kasukuwere and honorable Psychology Mazivisa to donate groceries, clothes, blankets and other goods to Bonzo.

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