Macheso for Polokwane festival

Sungura musician Alick Macheso tomorrow makes his debut performance at Phalaphala Royal Heritage Festival in Polokwane, South Africa.

The musician is set to headline the festival that will see several artists performing.

Tich Makahamadze the musician’s publicist said they have done their ground work for the festival.

“We are going there to give what Zimbabwe has in terms of music. Sungura music is very popular in that part of South Africa and our performance there is likely to be exciting,” he said.

He said for the hour they will be on stage they will play old and new tracks.

“It is good that all the guitarists are going and we have to play new and old tracks. We have only an hour on stage but that will be interesting,” he added.

Their play list includes “Madhawu”, “Madhuve”, “Gungwa”, “Mundikumbuke” and “Kurarama”.

“There will be no time for other songs. We are glad that the camp is in high morale,” he said.

Makahamadze said their album “Tsoka Dzerwendo” has brought more glory to the artiste.

“Our shows are doing well as we are performing in new places. The guys will leave the country for a show in Ireland next month,” he said.

Several artistes are expected to perform at the festival.

“That is one of the shows our fans in South Africa would not want to miss. We are happy to be part of that event,” he said.

They have planned to have the event recorded and bring the videos home.

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