Traffic cops ‘force’ couple to wed by roadside

A Mbembesi couple had to exchange wedding vows at a roadblock after traffic cops had detained them and demanding $120.

Bekithemba Ndlovu and Nomagugu Zulu were detained with their 40 wedding party and six cars.

What caused the trouble was a family commuter bus which they had used from Bulawayo.

Police said it had diverted from its normal route and had to pay a fine.

“The police at a roadblock by the Mbembesi turnoff stopped the commuter omnibus carrying the bridal team “They said it had diverted from its normal route. We tried reasoning with them but they said we were pirating.

“As if that was not enough, it got worse. Another officer said the T-35 truck that carried relatives was overloaded”

Ndlovu said police went on to demand $120 for the convoy and a further $105 for overloading.

However, they did not have money.

That forced the couple to exchange vows by the roadside.

Police reportedly fled the scene as people were baying for their blood.

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