Mvuma businessman rapes employee at knife point

Narrating her ordeal to this publication, the 21 year old victim said ever since she started working at Calval bar, Mugadzawedza had developed a habit of sexually abusing her, touching breasts and buttocks. “Since I started work at his bar he would stroke my buttocks and breasts and when I protested he would threaten to fire me, saying I should keep quiet,” she said. On the rape night, she said she knocked off work and went home. Mugadzawedza then followed her home after locking his shop. He stormed into her room at the time when she was changing into her home clothes. She said he found her only putting on her undergarments. “I tried fighting him off but he overpowered me. Just when l wanted to scream for help, he produced a knife and swore to kill me if l alerted neighbours. “He did as he pleased but the painful thing is that he did not even use a condom and I am scared that I might have contracted HIV. After the deed, he instructed me to keep my mouth shut if l still wanted my job,” she said. The victim resigned from her job as she could not stand seeing her victimizer daily and she reported him to the police after. Mugadzawedza however dismissed the allegations stating that the alleged victim was bitter because she had been fired from work. “She is just bitter because she was retrenched from work as the business was not doing very well,” he said. Midlands Police Acting Spokesperson Ethel Mukwende confirmed the police receiving a case from Mvuma of an employee who was raped by her boss.

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