Elderly people forced to sleep on pavement without blankets only to get $50 in bond coins

As cash shortages continue to hit Zimbabwe a number of elderly people comprising of mainly war veterans and pensioners from farms around Mvurwi had to sleep at Sharaude shop pavement without blankets and on empty stomachs.

There were waiting anxiously for the scarce US dollars since yesterday only to be dismissed this morning without a single cent.

Sharaude texta cash agent in Mvurwi managed to give Givemore Matope (60) of Rhimbick farm US$50 in bond coins yesterday morning.

Speaking to Bulawayo24 Matope expressed his disappointment of the minimum withdrawal since he wanted US$200.

“Look here my son I came here at 3am to join the queue only to be given these coins this economy is now biting us, I wanted US$200 to buy my inputs and groceries but these coins are less than half this is disgusting,” fumed Matope

Emmanuel Konekele an MDC T activist who was passing by had no soft words for the elderly who were scattered on the pavements last night as he mocked them labelling them as ZANU PF cadres.

“You old ZANU PF cadres go home and sleep you voted for disaster you are the architects of your own misery, this is only the beginning wait and see, your government is yet to release bond notes that is when you shall realize who the hero is.

We are tired of you old fools do you not care about your children you continue to say ZANU, ZANU you ought to be ashamed of your selves!” he shouted.

Meanwhile, civil servants were left with an egg on their face as they are failing to withdraw their salaries in full since withdrawals are limited to cater for everyone with some banks giving US$50 to US$200 maximum withdrawals depending on the availability of the money.

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