Mugabe to blame for presiding over the destruction of Zimbabw

A political commentator Zexie Mashonga‎ has said if there is any one to blame for the economic destruction of Zimbabwe, it is President Robert Mugabe as he took a country with vibrant economy from Ian Smith and run it down.

The remarks came following Mugabe’s blame for his party’s Mashonaland Central for lack of development in the province after 36 years of his rule.

Mugabe made the remarks when he visited Murongwe Primary School where he discovered that pupils were ;learning in pole and mud class rooms while sitting on pole benches.

“Infact he is to blame. He presiding over the destruction of our country which was handed over to him in a status of the jewel  of Africa from Ian Douglas Smith 36 years ago. Mugabe must just fuck off,” Mashonga said.

He said president Mugabe said ZanuPF leadership in Mashonaland Central is to blame for 36 years of lack of development in the province.

“President Robert Mugabe said this yesterday as he sat in a classroom made of mud and pole at Murongwe Primary School in Dande,” he said.

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