‘Govt not against social media use’

Government is not against the use of social media by the public but will take action against anyone violating the country’s laws through abuse of such platforms.

Responding to a question from Mashonaland Central Senator Alice Chimbudzi, Deputy Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Thokozile Mathuthu said her ministry could not stop Zimbabweans from using social media because the world was a global village.

“What is important is what you communicate. If you go against the laws of the country, you will be in trouble and not necessarily with our ministry, but with the ministry responsible for monitoring that,” she said.

Government has come up with laws to curb the abuse of social media, especially by shadowy groups that use the platforms to send subversive messages, inciting people to rise against Government.

Unscrupulous people have also used social media to spread such vices like pornography and hate speech.

Responding to other issues, Deputy Minister Mathuthu said it was not Government policy to segregate people from accessing public media.

“Government policy is that all Zimbabweans should have access to all the services of our ministry. Because of the digitisation programme, we are decentralising to provinces (setting up studios) through the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. We have already set up two studios in Bulawayo.

“It’s not Government policy to discriminate against any party if it presents anything which is legal,” Deputy Minister Mathuthu said. –The Herald

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