Former employee sues Arda for $20 000 over terminal benefits

The Agricultural Rural Development Authority (Arda) has been sued by its former employee over a total of over $20 000 terminal benefits.

Emilton Verukai sought the registration of the Labour Court order award on behalf of the former employee, Fortune Mtetwa.

He filed the application at the Bulawayo High Court.

He submitted that Arda Matabeleland North and Mtetwa were embroiled in a Labour dispute wherein the latter alleged nonpayment of salaries and benefits inter alia.

He said a certificate of settlement was done pursuant to the negotiations and deliberations between the parties.

He said the respondent failed to abide by the settlement and I proceeded to issue my ruling.

His terms were to effect that respondent pays $20 682, 69 by initially paying a deposit of $10 000 and consequently installments of $1 780, 44.

“Due to the respondent’s unwillingness to pay, I filed an application at the Labour Court and an order was granted. The respondent failed to fully comply with the court order by the restitution day being March 30 2017. Instead of paying $7000, the respondent chose to pay only $3 5000. Since then the respondent has remained defiant and refuses to pay what is due to Fortune Mtetwa,” he said.

Arda is yet to filed response to the application.

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