Sports Bar establishments application for Mpopoma irks Councillors

Bulawayo Councillors have expressed concerns over the application to establish a Sports Bar On Stand 50363 Mpopoma (Service Industry Bays 4 and 5) at Mpopoma Shopping Centre.

Councillor Jele was concerned about this matter. He therefore felt that there was need to defer the matter as threats had been directed to the local Councillor of the area for Ward (9).

Councillor Sibanda said that such issues were usually advertised in the press to allow for any objections from the public.

The area Councillor was also free to lodge his objection in writing during this time. He felt that there was need to follow Council procedure/policy when dealing with such issues in order to ensure consistency.

Councillor Mlandu Ncube concurred with Jele. He felt that consideration of the matter should be deferred to allow the affected Councillor to consult with residents of Mpopoma – Ward 9 and other relevant stakeholders.

Councillor Clayton. Zana called for consistency when dealing with such issues and cited the recent application by Cape to Cairo for a night club.

Councillor Gedion Mangena recalled that this was not the first time such matters had been deliberated upon.

“Sports Bars were an improvement compared to Bottle Stores. Facilities for Sports bars were better than those for bottle stores in terms of hygiene requirements. He therefore supported the recommendation of the Committee that the applicant be afforded the opportunity to apply for special consent. Those people with issues would then raise them at that time as the Special consent had not been granted to the applicant,” reads the council’s latest minutes.

Councillor Silas Chigora also explained that at this stage the applicant was not asking for a development permit but was seeking for authority to apply for Special consent.

Councillor Charles Moyo was afforded an opportunity to raise his objection as soon as he received the appropriate correspondence notifying him of the applicant’s intentions.

He also supported the recommendation of the committee.

Councillor Moyo said that previously there were 22 objections on a similar application.

In view of this it appeared that Councillors were imposing development on residents. Residents were now thinking of engaging lawyers for human rights with regards to the previous application which they had rejected.

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