Zimbabweans applaud SA cabinet for approving renewal of special dispensation permits

Zimbabwe Community has applauded South African cabinet for approving the renewal of the Special Dispensation permits for Zimbabweans in that country.

“As we announced previously, the cabinet approved the renewal of the Special dispensation for Zimbabweans. We have welcomed this news and would like to urgue all Zimbabweans to make use of the opportunity. We however must warn that as per minister Dlodlo’s cabinet announcement, the minister of home affairs is yet to pronounce on the conditions these permits will be renewed under,” reads the statement.

“The Zimbabwe Community South Africa and it’s chairman  Ngqabutho Nicholas Mabhena would like to distance and warn Zimbabweans of any frivolous and psuedo announcement of conditions by any party except the Honorable Minister, Professor Mkhize. The DHA is known to pronounce all official statements via it’s website or through a media briefing. The Zimbabwe Community South Africa is your trusted source of information which does not seek to loot but to protect you and the Zimbabwe worker interest. We always make effort to verify with department officials on whatever statement is issued and are thus always your most accurate source of verification besides the DHA itself.”

“Please refrain from forwarding fake or unscrupulous information meant to loot our people. Please exercise patience and rest assured your documents have government approval for renewal. Please note that we have had engagements with the Zimbabwe Home Affairs minister, Honorable Chombo to brief him and solicit his engagement for favorable conditions when he meets his South African counterpart this week – one among, being the ability to renew from within South Africa.”

The community urged members to continue to be shining examples of migrants – avoid crime, report crime and disavow crime.

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