President Mnangagwa on the social media

President on social media is a modern President. This is a way to hear people’s different views about the Zimbabwe we want. It is so refreshing that for the past 37 the former President has no time to engage with the people and was in fact a strong critic of the social media.

A very good example was his former Minister Jonathan Moyo who he once attacked him of being vocal on the social media especially on Twitter where he used to throw tantrums and wage a war with the now President of Zimbabwe His Excellency Emmerson Mnangagwa.

The President must now on the interests of the people try and convince the military to be humble with people and live in harmony with them or else they must peacefully go back to their respective barracks and confine themselves there. The people are now living in fear. Yes they brought freedom the much needed change from the autocratic rule they have been subjected to. Let the people now enjoy the fruits.

The former President only exposed himself to reading The Herald which always gave him stale but marinated news which was talking about the growth of the economy yet it was crumbling.

The President must also look at the diasporians 100% Zimbabweans who left the country years ago and are holed and dotted around the globe. These people ran away from Zimbabwe their home country.

They don’t want to be in those foreign lands but they are economic refugees and are sick and tired of living away from their beloved families. Some of them have experienced divorces due to lack of family attachment.This situation need to be fixed urgently because the majority of us Zimbabweans are in dilemma of how the future is going to be. The President must provide the much needed employment so that the majority return home, reunite with their families and friends.

There should be a complete clean sheet of the Zimbabwean people in reference to the dark chapters of our past. We encourage the President and the government to institute a truth and reconciliation plan to deal with all these painful chapters to acknowledge, confess, ask and forgive. It should plan a reparation so that healing can begin.

There is still no unity among the ousted G40 , Team Lacoste and the majority of opposition political parties who felt that they have been used during the army intervention. The President must also make sure that preparations to hold free and fair elections are a priority and aligning all laws to the constitution should be embraced.

Corruption in the country has been a major draw back and the President must decisively deal with all theft and corrupt people and not to sweep the cases under the carpet.The major concern is the pace at which laws are being changed to suit the few individuals. We need to to respect the rule of law and that no one should be above it regardless of their status or political affiliation. Let us wipe up all corrupt leaders and pay no mercy to them.

Laws are being put up and reversed in the blink of an eye. There should also be freedom expression and of speech. The people must feel free to criticise any given policy or drafted law. This had never been dreamt before that the people can engage their leader and be able to air their views through the social media.

That is good and refreshing. We have just opened a new chapter in Zimbabwean political history. People are ready to contribute their input to rebuilding the country. A lot have never had interest in politics but this great move will push them to part and parcel of this history making. This dawn of a new chapter is good for our country and the international community is also watching.

The people must get rid of Mugabeism and depoliticise the country and stop thinking that Zanu PF is Zimbabwe.

This Gukurahundi is becoming a thorny issue and the President must not ignore it. It must be addressed properly showing remorse than trying to justify and pacify it in mediocre malevolent manner.

The people should be able to provide our political leaders with accurate detailed information on how the political environment on the ground is like. We should shun the idea of not reporting the truth but always thrive to report what exactly is on tbe ground and that will make it easier for decision making people.

The leaders might not be physically able to cover all those areas but information is power and it can help them shape or change the way they think.

No matter what we should rebuild this country and we must learn to bury our egoistic tendencies. Zimbabwe is a great nation and a country where we embrace each other whether you are white, black or coloured this is our homeland.

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