Computer vs human mind!

To people who work with a computer to service clients, let me give you a free lesson. The fact that what I am telling you doesn’t appear on the computer doesn’t necessarily mean my information is not true or irrelevant. A computer has data but I have complete details about my life, know the difference. A computer is a programmed system but I am not programmed. It only knows what was captured, but I know everything about my life. So don’t only rely on what the computer says, listen to facts, make your research, then use your computer. This is common sense to me.

Computers were invented to improve our lives and to make things easier for us and it does a good job. Really technology as a whole plays a significant role in our lives on daily basis. However we shouldn’t stop to use our common sense just because we are using computers. We should appreciate the fact that computers are here to help us and improve our lives where necessary, but we shouldn’t give a computer system power over the mind. The mind is the most powerful system, only if we can allow it to perform it’s functions effectively, without disturbing it with man made things. Even man made things such as computers, are the results of the intellect. We should use our mind and work with a computer, we must not expect a computer to think for us it won’t because it is programmed.

The mind can bringforth solutions, a computer can’t. But it can capture the solutions and assist to analyse and illustrate and store for future use. We are more useful to computers than they are to us. Some people who work with computers they think a computer is intelligent and that’s not true, human beings are. A computer only does what a human being programmed it to do. And it is limited to certain things, unlike us our minds are not…Let us keep on taking advantage of technology without compromising the abilities of our God given brains, the power of a mindset.

Shikobela is a committed minister at Holy Faith Family Church, and a passionate motivational speaker whose emphasis is centered around the plight of the youth. He is also a political and social conscious author with his first book named “Invisible Victories” to be launched in March.

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