There is no National Peace and Reconciliation Commission, says MRP

Headlines of print media screamed today of the incident of Mthwakazi people led by MRP disrupting the NPRC meeting in Lupane.

Mthwakazi Republic Party said they would like to correct this misinformation to the public.

“Mthwakazi Republic Party disrupted a meeting of a gang of Zanu-PF thugs coming to Matabeleland a for selfish election gimmick disguised as a Commission. If this evil gang was a real Commission, they should have now gone back to their handlers and told them of the concern of the people of Mthwakazi over the ethnic, geographical and political connotations attached to it,” said the party.

“The arrogance of this Zanu-PF Commission, clearly shows that it is on a political mission supervised by the commiserate of Zanu. We urge our people to open their eyes and guard against being deceived by the Harare administration again. It has reached our attention that this commission has been timed and constituted for the same reasons as those of the year 2000 referendum. One of the objectives is to measure the support base and sentiment of the people of Mthwakazi. We are also privy to the information that this commission is a gimmick and public relations program  to lure Mthwakazi voters into believing that Emmerson Mnangagwa has reformed.”

The party said this commission will not give up because it is on that mission and it has to be accomplished.

“In our engagement with the people of Lupane, they were unambiguous on their resentment of this evil Commission. We are sorry for the few Zanu-PF sympathisers who had attended the function, but we can not fail to defend our parents and children because of a few Zanu-PF apologists,” said the party.

“We are also dismayed by the blatant lies by the Chronicle that our members described our chief Manyenyeza as drunk. In fact it is their journalist Leonard Ncube who was drunk to the point of hearing non existent statements. Our members were well behaved and interacted well with the chief who thanked Mthwakazi Republic Party  for representing the aspirations of the people, as the voice of the voiceless.”

“We will continue to defend our people. We are sick and tired of Shona people telling us on how to manage our affairs. We are the only party that will solve the issue of tribalism that the shona system does not want, talked of, while it is being executed on our people. A tribalist is a person who refuses someone the right to speak of, or defend his tribe against segregation and oppression,” it added.

The party said the big question that begs an answer is, what is difficult with appointing an independent commission headed by an international judge, assisted by church led organizations?.

“The answer is simple, such a commission will not be coerced into concealing the damming findings on Gukurahundi. Why can’t the Shona people allow Mthwakazi people to solve things their own way?. If this is impeded by the issue of resources, we are prepared as victims of Gukurahundi to petition the United Nations to fund that Commission.We are noting a trend by some of our Mthwakazi pastors meddling in these political shenanigans of Zanu-PF. We plead with them to desist from such tendencies. Most did during the pre independence struggle, but the colonial regime was eventually defeated,” MRP said.

“We call to all youths in schools, university and  wherever they are to defend the future of Mthakazi. The future is yours. Fighting for your freedom is not tribalism, but your right. We welcome you in Mthwakazi Republic Party. Come and contribute to the economic and political  freedom of our land.”

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