Time to recall Chamisa now if he won’t heed the people’s call

People printed their own flyers and posted  and in support of Mr Sibanda all illegally confiscated by MDC T Chamisa officials. This is a human rights violation and its illegal. Reporters must question if this is the party of excellence. When chamisa gets into power , he may as well kill those who oppose him if they’re doing this. Speak not or be killed. Express yourself after spending your own money to print of be killed. MDC T must Refund the money of these  flyers and yield to the people’s demands.

I believe Mafa Sibanda is now under siege from top executive  because people demand and shout his name in matebeleland. Remember the days when people supported Lacoste’s and it caused Emmerson Mnangagwa to nearly lose his life from Ice  cream poisoning and eventually walking 30 km into Mozambique  after eventually being  fired from the government as Vice President . Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda loves the party and the people love him . Please ask MDC T to honor the wishes of Bulawayo and matebeleland and large.

Here is Nelson Chamisa number at havest house. Please leave chamisa a message now on his cell. Tell Him to appoint Felix Magalela Mafa Sibanda now and stop Harassing the Mandebele people and the Mashona people  and the rest of the people in our region.
We are devastated. People are angry and at Chamisa unless he follows the wishes of the people.

Movement for Democratic Change is a party in Zimbabwe that’s fighting the remnants of Mugabe regime and yet they employed the same tactics to help quash the freedoms of their own party members.

We are ashamed and the young leader is failing to lead. How can they do this Mugabe tactics. They have now banned campaigning so help themselves cherry pick their friends ins strategic positions. Our party is imploding unless they recall Chamisa is he is failing to lead and he is caught in many lies. We call for Mwonzora to call for the extra congress before it’s too late. Our candidate is flawed and we can’t win like this.

Musha Mukadzi of Busted.

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