Makamba’s attempt to recruit Lumumba backfires

James Makamba’s latest attempt to recruit former Star FM current affairs presenter Acie Mutumanje aka Lumumba has backfired with the famous blogger rejecting the offer and exposing the shenanigans. In a recording of the attempt to lure Lumumba to discredit and rubbish the government using Mandiwanzira as the first target, Makamba urges extensive propaganda against Mandiwanzira to ensure he is fired before elections.

“The first person we must deal with is Supa… He is the snake whose head must be crushed. We need to have Mnangagwa dismissing him. The problem is that he is being protected by (Vice President) Chiwenga but we must just go after him…” Makamba is heard saying in a two-hour recording which also takes a dig at the Vice President and his wife.

In the conversation which is also joined by James Makamba’s confidante Steve Kuipa -, Makamba breathes fire against Mandiwanzira alleging his purchase of shares for the government in Telecel from Russian firm Vimplecon as his crime.

He also makes it clear in the recording that he has hired and is continuing to hire media personnel to do a hatchet job on President Mnangagwa government and his Ministers.

In a stunning revelation in the recording, Makamba also reveals he has put some Parliamentarians on his payroll among them outspoken independent MP Temba Mliswa.

Lumumba was offered 4000 Rands by Makamba as the first instalment in a series payments to. Incentives media attacks on Mandiwanzira and the Mnangagwa government. In a later text conversation between Lumumba and Makamba’s son Zororo – the son confirms that Temba Mliswa is part of the people hired by his father to discredit Mandiwanzira and other key players of the government.

Questioned by Lumumba why Temba would be getting a higher amount than he was being offered… ZORORO told Lumumba that Temba has a better relationship with his father and his role was bigger because of the Parliamentary privileges.

In what is potentially the biggest media scandal to emerge in Zimbabwe, Makamba has been on a drive to recruit media executives and personnel to publish articles discrediting the government and especially ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira.

Busines man James Makamba who recently returned from self-imposed exile on South Africa has been exposed as the kingpin behind a series of propaganda articles bent on tarnishing the image of the new govt under President ED Mnangagwa.

Temba Mliswa has been on rampage discrediting appointments of Ozias Bvute, Peter Chingoka and Robin Vela to boards under the ministry of ICT and the NSSA board.

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