MDC-T split must not be celebrated

An MDC-T supporter Mandla Masuku has warned that the opposition political parties must not be celebrated as it means another set back to the democratic process

Thokozani Khupe on Saturday was endorsed by her faction as the leader of MDC-T while the MDC Alliance has since endorsed Nelson Chamisa as presidential candidates in this year’s election.

“MDC split should not be celebrated. It’s not a secret that Dr Khupe is not our real enemy our real enemy is Zanu PF. So let’s not lose focus and take the eye out the ball. I urge the leadership to continue engaging each other till a solution is found. Both parties need each other in different way,” he said.

“However MDC-T need to also pay attention to those disgruntled members . I know it’s not everyone who might be keen to forger unity but let’s keep engaging each other some will see the light soon.”

“I struggle to understand why a young woman like Yvonne Musarurwa who spent time in prison on political charges left MDC-T to join Khupe. The question is ,did the party neglect her when she came out of prison , I guess she had expectations?”

He said so whom to blame, her or the party?

“If she left because of neglect. I think the political debacle happening on mdct should be taken as learning and it will further cement the party,” he said.

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