Chamisa’s 15 billion dollar promise

’15 billion’ seems to be a recurring theme in this election cycle. We heard Nelson Chamisa’s claim that he met the Trump administration whereby he was supposedly promised 15 billion US dollars if he were to win the election. That turned out to be a lie; Chamisa later admitted it embarrassingly in front of the world’s media on the BBC.

Then there is the 15 billion dollars’ worth of diamonds which went missing under Mugabe. This is a mystery and a national disgrace. With Zimbabweans suffering across the country we cannot afford to have such a matter left unresolved. Rightly, it has been dominating the newspapers daily, and it is a controversy which we must get to the bottom of.

So what concerns me is that Chamisa’s new “deal with the devil” could be a 15 billion dollar deal. Why has Mugabe’s NPF joined forces with MDC now? What has Chamisa promised Mugabe? The scheming old man doesn’t just support candidates for free. To see his closest henchmen (and women: Jealousy Mawarire) at MDC rallies, and even at the launch of the MDC manifesto was a true smack in the face to traditional MDC supporters.

Has Chamisa promised Mugabe immunity? Has he promised Grace the deputy position? These questions need to be answered immediately because sadly, it appears that Nelson Chamisa’s political immaturity – combined with desperation – is opening the door for the Mugabes to walk right back into the State House.
Morgan must be rolling in his grave.

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