Mugabe party blames Zanu-PF for violence

Violence reportedly reared its ugly head in  Mashonaland West and the National Patriotic Front (NPF) spokesperson Jealous Mawarire has scoffed at President Emmesorn Mnangagwa labeling him a perpetrator of violence after their ally’s campaign team was bashed by suspected ZANU PF supporters.

Mawarire alleges that their party heavy weight in Mashonaland West Sarah Mahoka’s campaign team was bashed and had one of her motorbikes stolen.

“We all know ED , what he says is always opposite of reality. When u hear him preach peace, know he has thugs on the ground brutalising pple.Y’day Hon Mahoka’s campaign team in Hurungwe East was bashed &1 of her 5 motorbikes  she bought 4 the constituency stolen by ED’s thugs,” said Mawarire via micro blogging Twitter.

However, president Mnangagwa has been on record bemoaning violence saying “peace begins with me peace begins with you.”

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