Revealed: Mugabe’s plan to return to power by the bullet and the ballot box

Those of us who breathed a collective breath of relief when a peaceful revolution ousted Mugabe from power in November should now be very concerned that he and his wife, Grace, have a tangible and concerted plan to return to power in Zimbabwe.

The recent attempted assassination of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and members of his government at the White City Stadium in Bulawayo last Saturday, which claimed the lives of two innocent people and injured scores of others, is now revealed according to sources involved in the investigation as having the fingerprints of the G40, the group led by Grace Mugabe.

While the Mugabes were driven out of State House, they still have influential and loyal supporters that would give them the ability to pull off such a daring and complex operation. It is clear that the physical threat to their enemies remains from the G40 cabal and other Mugabe die-hards.

However, they have not placed all of their cards on the bullet driving them back to power and have, alongside this threat, another way to return to a position of authority and control. For many months now, the relationship between the Mugabes and MDC President Nelson Chamisa has blossomed. Both sides have spoken endearingly about the other.

The Mugabes called on their supporters to vote for Chamisa, and their NPF proxies spoke openly and proudly at MDC rallies and events all over the country.

Chamisa, has in turn, welcomed the support from the Mugabes, and spoken very positively about his leadership, even going as far to absolve them of their past crimes against the Zimbabwean people.

This is just what the general public has been privy too, but like the proverbial iceberg, what we see is massively dwarfed by what is going on below the surface.

The level of coordination and cooperation is immense, if bewildering to many MDC supporters.

Nevertheless, Chamisa and Mugabe share one important component, perhaps the most vital part of their psyche, their equal lust for power. Both of them have no vision other than to grab the reins of power.

This is what ensured Robert Mugabe’s nearly four decades in power regardless of the state of the nation, and the new MDC leader continues to talk about how he is divinely chosen by God to be president.

This forms the basis of their partnership and is Mugabe’s insurance policy should the bullet not work.

It is important to understand that the Mugabes have not retreated to their farm to live out their years in peace and calm. From the moment they exited power they have been strategising about their return.

While they will still return to the tools of violence, which is what they know best, when Chamisa welcomed their outreach and returned their admiration it was a dream come true for the Mugabes.

The Mugabes’ twin strategy of return to power is starting to reveal itself, slowly but surely.

On the one hand they will try and use violence to kill or hurt their opponents currently in power, on the other, their growing relationship with Chamisa means that he could also serve as their ticket back to power.

Voting Chamisa is playing into Grace and Bob’s hand, because it is clear if you vote for one you will get all three as a package deal. After seven months of a Mugabe-free Zimbabwe, we could only be one month away from their swift and vengeful return.

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