ZANU PF invades Mutinhiri’s farm

Tracy Mutinhiri, Secretary for International Affairs for the MDC  is reeling from an invasion attempt on her farm house yesterday  in Marondera by suspected state agents it has emerged.

A few hours earlier, the United States Congress had a hearing on Zimbabwe and the deliberations were quite damning on the regime thereby drawing the typically brutal response.

A shaken, Mutinhiri narrated the ordeal that transpired almost immediately after news of the American Congressional hearing had filtered through.
“At around 20:45 pm a group of state agents accosted my  security, trying to forcibly gain entry into my house. The scuffle ensued resulting in exchange of gunshots” she said.

“While all this was happening, I was helplessly holed up inside the farm house and was subjected to terrifying gun shots. I am  still trying to come to terms with the unsolicited attack.”

In a Statement on Friday MDC said:

Mutinhiri’s position must have prompted the state to descend on her under the presumption that she is the one informing the Americans on the excesses, omissions and commissions of the regime.

The state agents had probably been instructed to either find any ‘evidence’ of collusion between the opposition and the Americans or it was just one of those routine exercises in scare-mongering, an attempt to warn the opposition against ‘selling out’.

Whatever the reason for this attack, there can be no justification in intruding on private property, firing gun shots and leaving a trail of destruction.
The regime is clearly at war against its own people. It does not take too much to have this regime reverting to its default mode of intimidation and murder.
The conditions for the removal of the targeted restrictions on the ruling elite are crystal clear and are known by everyone.

The lifting of sanctions lies squarely on the shoulders of the regime and there is nobody else responsible for that. But then the culture of irresponsibility is so embedded in Zanu PF that it will always find a way of shamelessly trying to absolve itself from blame. This does not augur well for Zimbabwe.

It is not surprising that Zanu PF supporters are already talking about 2023 elections. Economic development is not a priority, it is a non-issue in the ruling party circles. Meanwhile the country continues to burn with no solution in sight.

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