Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe (L) talks to Finance Minister and Opposition Movement For Democratic Change (MDC) Secretary-General Tendai Biti after opening the Short-Term Emergency Recovery Programme (STERP), meant to ease the current economic crisis facing the country, in Harare March 19, 2009, Zimbabwe is talking to the United States and European Union over the repeal of sanctions, according to an economic policy document, the first sign the new government may be gaining the confidence of Western powers. REUTERS/Philimon Bulawayo (ZIMBABWE POLITICS BUSINESS)

Behind the walls of MDC-ZANU PF negotiations

To facilitate discussion, Mbeki pushed the formation of JOMIC, and assigned South African officials to the talks.

On a number of occasions these talks happened at Imba matombo in Harare! Zuma assigned Lindiwe Zulu as facilitator after Mbeki was fired.

I was often at Imba Matombo during the talks. Later I would have drinks with the South African facilitators. One of them was Mac Maharaj.Zanu PF was represented by Patrick Chinamasa and Nicholas Goche. MDC was represented by Mangoma and the treacherous fellow.

Each time the South African negotiators would come out furious, including Maharaj. “Do these MDC people want us to negotiate for them?” they asked. “Do you want us to negotiate for you”? He asked me at one point.

Inside the negotiation room the truth is that Chinamasa and Goche would argue Zanu positions. For example  they would argue that when it comes to  “security sector reform” it wasn’t proper to temper with the military.

Meanwhile, the sell-out fellow woulld be quiet playing on his iPad. SA negotiators would be furious.

Morgan thot boys riri kurova basa. Apa Zanu iri kufamba nebhora. Many recalls at one point MDC threatened to pull out of GNU.

I used to meet Tsvangirai from time to time. At one point I told him of this – but Save was a man of genuine goodwill, too trusting for a politician. Save believed in people, plus maBabe. In the end, the JOMIC talks delivered little in terms of the MDC desired “reforms”.

Tsvangirai eventually nominated this fellow to a cushy job in the GNU. They quickly became buddies with a man he at one point said shoulld be brought before a firing squad. They did business afterwards and they  still do. He was so close to Rwodzi.

A year before  2013 election, this man much to our shock started singing praises of Mugabe.

“We find counsel and wisdom in him” he gushed. Why were we shocked? Because Zanu PF had refused to implement reforms required in the GPA. Remember the said fella was an MDC negotiator.

In his praise for Mugabe, he gave a long interview to Sunday Mail  the so-called “state media” Nerrorists like to lampoon.

Even Nelson Chamisa started praising Mugabe calling him captain of the ship! This was happening while Mugabe was refusing to do GPA reforms!
During the drawing of the new constitution. The same treacherous fellow was in the management committee, that provided a buffer in the negotiations between co-chairs & Mugabe & Tsvangirai.

After Mwonzora, Mangwana & Mkhosi delivered a new constitution, I was in the HICC when the event was done, Zanu PF shock-trooped MDC into an election without the reforms.

This was triggered by Jealousy Mawarire who went to Concourt and argued for the elections to be held.

The MDC was resoundingly defeated in the ensuing 2013 election. It was almost a whitewash. True to form, the MDC claimed the election was rigged. Problem was they could not say how!  Guess what? The same treacherous fellow claimed they were rigged too… but not for long…

Mind you a journolist had captured Morgan, Chamisa and  company smiling and enjoying reading the Zanu PF manifesto at their own rally.

A few months after MDC claimed the 2013 elections was rigged, the treacherous fellow turned around, started saying no: Zanu PF won fair and square. He went to SAPES Trust and berated the MDC JUICE document.

He started praising Zanu PF 2013 campaign. Meanwhile he was a top official of MDC. “Zanu PF in the last election had a very simple message, bhora mugedhi”, he gushed.

Tsvangirai supporters were shocked by his utterances as a senior member of the party. “Why is he admitting defeat? He is a joke plain and simple!” They said. Why, because they were engaging SADC leaders on the claim that the 2013 election was rigged.

Soon after, this fella and Mangoma pressed Tsvangirai for a meeting. The meeting had 4 people, the fella, Mangoma, Khupe and Tsvangirai. In this meeting in 2014, I have the recordings, this fella and Mangoma pushed Tsvangirai to resign. The second split of the MDC was in motion.

Tsvangirai refused to resign. At a Harvest House meeting, Mangoma was beaten by MDC youths after Tsvangirai had shouted “catch”! Soon after Mangoma was suspended. Tsvangirai argued the fella was trying to force him to resign to avoid a congress that was coming.

Soon after, the fella convened a meeting at Mandel Training Centre, presided over by what he called the Guardian Council, working with Sipepa Nkomo, Sakai Holland and others. The rest is history. Each time he got a chance he would call Tsvangirai incredibly foolish!

Same fella repeated some of his antics during the July election, made illegal announcements, agitated youths onto the streets. He ran off across the Zambezi, generated court hearings there, got Zambia threatened by the US then came back. Chamisa  later Called the demo stupid.

Now these fellas tell everyone that he has the keys.

Before the election, he said he would make the country ungovernable. After election, he told the Daily Maverick:  “We will make sure they don’t get a cent.” How?” I can’t tell you how, but I can tell you we have done it before,”

So now I keep hearing this DIALOGUE nonsense talk. The fella says Mnangagwa must call Chamisa. Chamisa called it humility. Where u not the negotiator who was selling out on reforms in JOMIC much to frustration of Zuma’s facilitators?

Nywe nywe reforms, nywe nywe dialogue, were you not the fellas who were praising Mugabe during the GNU when he was out-negotiating you in JOMIC over the same reforms?

Now mokwira ndege kuenda kuWashington to make noise about reforms yet you sold out in JOMIC talks!

We were there when that party was started. We wrote some of the founding principles. But the party infested by charlatans!

You use the same reforms you sold out on, to twist the sanctions knife into the nation, working as a friend of the committee?

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