Government speaks on early elections

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana has dismissed MDC leader Nelson Chamisa’s calls for an early election.

Mangwana said, “Zimbabwe will hold elections in 2023 and not earlier. The sooner everyone gets out of the election mode and come together for the betterment of lives, the better. Constitution says, early elections can only happen if parliament is dissolved early and that’s not happening.

Chamisa had told his supporters in Bulawayo that after the MDC Congress they will force elections to be held earlier than 2023.

“Wait for our congress. After the 26th, you’ll see what’s going to happen. We can’t be having problems in the country when we have such competent people in leadership. Listen to the quality of debate, the MDC is rich. We want 2023 right now. We’re not going to shirk,” Chamisa said.

In the same meeting MDC Deputy Chairperson said the party will utilise section 59 of the Constitution to unleash a fresh wave of demonstration against the Mnangagwa administration.

ZANU PF activist Charity Maodza said those who want early power must prepare for 20233.

“Only madira jecha people will ever dream of an early election. Zimbabwe is bound by its constitution. ED will finish his term in 2023. Those who want to get into power should start preparing for the 2023 plebiscite. Those dreaming of an early election ngavamuke vamuke doro,” She said.

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