Bev gets taste of own medicine

Exotic dancer Chocolate – real name Vimbai Muzuva- said fellow dancer Beverly Sibanda is panicking over the former’s big booty and decided to mislead people that they are artificial.

Chocolate’s response came after Bev sensationally claimed that Chocolate, Lady Storm and other dancers wear fake bums to lure men.

She said Bev has proved to be a victim of her big booty which has become a talk in showbiz circles.

“Let her (Bev) mind her own business, her own small bums rather, and stop inspecting others. The Se_xy Angels’ boss has proved to be in panic, a victim of jealousy and envy, completely forgetting that Chocolate is the underdog that needs her help. She is simply panicking with my booty,” said Chocolate.

Chocolate said she will silence Bev on Thursday at Private Lounge where they are expected to clash at the Bums Party which was organized after the latter’s claims.

“I can’t wait for Thursday at Private Lounge and people will know the truth that day, claiming Chocolate and Storm wear fake bums and challenging the two to a bum contest?, then one wonders if Bev has a bum at all,” said Chocolate.

Chocolate’s manager Sheppy Tarzy, who spoke at length with H-Metro, said her dancer was booed in the City Center following the publication of the story.

“The headline of H-metro 28 July can’t go unchallenged. My boss (Chocolate) has suffered enough trauma due to Bev’s reckless, malicious and unfounded accusations. She was booed at a bus terminus in the city center accused of wearing fake bums by a mob of touts. Men are now in the habit of touching her bums claiming to feel the originality.

And if it wasn’t because Bev, Chocolate wouldn’t be going through this. Who or what the hell does Bev think she is? Who is Bev to speak on matters arising from Chocolate and the Mousse? If she is tired of being mocked by Chocolate’s audience whilst on stage then rather quit than say something you don’t have evidence against others,” he said.

Chocolate’s manager added,”

It’s high time for people like Bev learn to center their minds on meaningful rehearsals than making headlines based on hearsay. Bev thinks she holds the monopoly to this industry, she can’t compare herself with Chocolate or Storm who are well positioned and professional. Why can’t she boast of her dance floor prowess, why will Bev put herself in contest for bums knowing well that she is slender? I conclude by assuring Bev that we’ve accepted her challenge come Thursday night at Private Lounge where the real face of entertainment in this industry is to be once again revealed”.

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