He is ‘useless’ and ‘weak’,woman exposes husband in court

An elderly city woman has sensationally claimed that her husband has always been weak in bed and this has affected his judgment on everything else. Dadirai Shayakarima said since she married Benedict Kaponda in 2011 their se_x life has never been exciting. She termed him as a failure in bed. Dadirai revealed her bedroom secrets at the Harare civil court where she was being sued by Benedict for abuse. In her defence she said her husband was accusing her falsely. “We got married in 2011 and he has never had children his whole life. He accepted me and my three children as his family. Madzibaba bonde vakakundikana kubva tichangogara tose. Moto hapana zvachose. “The reason why he brought me here is because he does not want to pay rentals where we stay. It’s been four months now since he paid rent and all this is a way of trying to force me to move out of the house without paying what we owe. “He suggested to me that we should run away without paying the rentals but I refused because we are church going people. We had an altercation because of the rentals. I did not fight him but we fought. His younger brother had promised to pay rent for us but he failed to do so after I turned down his love proposal. “I am grateful to this man for raising my children and they respect him for that too. I do not know why he has decided to take me to court. The issue of rentals is the only matter that we are having a problem with,” said Dadirai. Benedict had accused Dadirai of abuse claiming that she gangs up on him with her children. “My wife and I sleep on the same bed but we use different blankets. Makaonepi mubhedha unonzi magumbeze akoaya, inianguaya. What married couple does that? It is not even normal “We did not sire any children together but I took care of her kids like they were my own. I paid fees for them and did everything a father can do for his children, “I do not understand why they have come to hate me to the extent of attacking me. Umwewachoakanditimudharandikakurovaunoitamunyaviri. I am in serious trouble with this woman and her children. “My wife shouts at me at the top of her voice. When she starts shouting she draws everyone’s attention. She is the one who misused funds for rentals and I now do not have money to pay for them,” Benedict said. Benedict was granted the protection order he sought. Magistrate Gamuchirai Siwardi presided over the matter.

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