Govt restructures Zinara

President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has put plans in motion to restructure the Zimbabwe National Road Administration (Zinara) as a way of making the parastatal more effective and reduce corruption.

Over the past few years Zinara has been under fire from various stakeholders in the economy over its failure to upgrade roads in many parts of the country despite the fact that the department is collecting toll fees from the motoring public on a daily basis.

Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa on Friday said the parastatal will remain under the minister of Transport and Infrastructure Development “but with a focus on revenue collection and not on technical road construction activities”.

Mewanwhile, the Rehabilitation of Harare’s roads has been halted after the Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (Zinara) failed to disburse nearly $10 million owed to companies contracted to do the works.

Harare City Council (HCC) which contracted four companies – Fossil Contracting, Bitumen World, Turncraft, Fossil and T & C confirmed that works had been temporarily stopped due to late payment.

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