Bread prices go up

A survey conducted by H-Metro yesterday showed that the prices went up by 10 cents.

Previously, the bread price was 90 cents for a standard loaf and a dollar for the popular Bakers Inn, Lobels and Proton Super loaf, which was completely taken off the market yesterday.

Having withdrawn the $1 super loaf, the bakeries are now selling the formerly 90c standard loaf for $1.

Meanwhile, retailers had already changed prices by yesterday morning.

A member of the National Bakers Association of Zimbabwe, also chief executive at Bakers INN, Ngoni Mazango, said it was bound to happen.

“I was not aware that the prices have gone up, but I am not surprised that this has happened.

“We have been facing many challenges as an industry on costs and liabilities, so this could be our breakthrough,” he said.

The super loaf, which had become famous in many homes, as it catered for larger families, could be a big loss.

A few consumers who spoke to H-Metro were concerned with the developments saying 10 cents makes a big difference.

“It might sound silly to say that I am not happy about this, 10 cents is a very little amount of money but believe me, I would save that extra 10 cents I got from whenever I bought bread and by the end of 10 days, I would have another dollar and that’s another loaf of bread,” said Farai Mugofa, a concerned customer.

Another customer, a mother of three children, two in primary and one in high school, was very emotional.

“In this country when you start thinking things will possibly get better something always happens. And we are not surprised. How can this be justified?” she said.

“Instead of prices going down, the opposite happens. I am a bread winner and that 10 cents makes a difference in my pocket. I have a big family, where I used to buy one family loaf, I now have to buy two standard ones per day.

“It is inevitable that my children will have to skip breakfast for a day or two, because andizvhikwanisi,”she said

Another customer said it is understandable to increase the price of bread since 10 cents is not really a huge amount but they must at least bring back the super loaf to the market.

“I don’t understand why they had to remove the family loaf, it is okay to increase the bread price but what does the super loaf have to do with any of this, dai vangotidzosererawo hedu super loaf,” said Zvikomborero Gore.

Another official from the bakery industry, who requested anonymity, said that it is unfortunate that the bread price had to go up.

“We understand that our customers have their favourites and were comfortable with the usual price, but due to the economic pressures and challenges we have had to face lately especially through the use of plastic money, we have made loses as rates tend to differ with swipe, Ecocash and cash,” he said.

“We love our customers and we strive to please them, but when push comes to shove, we are left with no other choice but to increase the prices.

“When things settle down we sincerely hope that the prices will be reduced again,” he said.

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