Chiwenga to finish off ‘running coward’ Mnangagwa’s presidential term?

To be honest there are few Army Generals in the world that would single handedly deploy the army to neutralise all state organs, freeze the sitting president, negotiate political power and then search for a running coward hidden in a hole somewhere in the foreign lands and make him president.

Mnangagwa must consider himself the luckiest man in the world of politics where power cannot be shared let alone given on a silver platter.

But perhaps retired General Chiwenga has just realised his mistake now that the problems associated with having two centers of power have started to creep into the military junta.

Presently there is a state of confusion as to who is the Head of State and commander in chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces.

Who is running Zimbabwe?
Occasionally Vice President Constantino Chiwenga climbs down the ladder of the presidential office to fire government workers on the ground.He has has cleaned out the police department, Central Intelligence Organisation, Army and now he is in the the department of health where he has increased the salaries of the doctors and fired over 15 000 nurses. As we speak he is in the process of replacing them with the army, retired and unemployed nurses. What is president Mnangagwa opinion on this? Is he an absent President or Chiwenga’s puppet without power?

Evidence on the ground indicates that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga wields more  political power than President Mnangagwa.

This puts Zimbabwe under a precarious position of having two mud slinging bulls in one kraal. Given that those two are dangerous politicians with fresh blood stains of president Mugabe on their hands, Zimbabweans must brace themselves for another coup d’etat. He who kills by the sword dies by the sword. From today onwards anyone who strikes first will win.

This is what Zimbabweans, both educated and uneducated, celebrated when the military took over. It never occurred to them that one day the guns that were pointing at Mugabe would be turned against them in future. It’s all clearly written on the wall, the Gukurahundist’s reign is crumbling.

This picture below says a lot about the goings-on within the once celabrated  Junta’s ascend to power.

Source – Wilson Mahlafuna Sibanda & Khohliso Maqhoba
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