Do not take barracks habits to civilian civil service – War vet tells Chiwenga

An Ex Zipra veteran Max Mkandla has warned Vice President Constantino Chiwenga and the President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration to stop taking the army barracks habits, where command is an element, to the civilian government institution through marking dismissal of nurses for exercising their rights.

Chiwenga this week announced the dismissal of nursed who did not go to work on April 16 and 17 and the government has ordered the public hospitals to recruit new nurses and the retired nursed into positions left vacant by the fired health workers.

“Following the dismissal of nurses by the junta government which it self is not voted by the people into office, as war veterans we kindly request the regime to reverse their decision without conditions. It all started by them firing former Central Intelligence organisation structures replacing it by their own.  They also fired Commissioner General Augustine Chihuri and several other police officers willy nil and further fired Zanu PF G40 cabal in this one we  do not have problem because it was an internal issue,” Mkandla said.

“Can i remind Chiwenga and others that they were supposed to liaise with the ministry of health  before acting and go to ground to understand the issues of nurses. Chiwenga must be reminded that with the nurses there are sons and daughters of war veterans whom their fathers failed to go to school because they were for war and their hopes are these nurses.”

He said it was unfair for Chiwnga and government to fire nurses at a time when there is high unemployment and must know that he should live a civilian life because there must be no military command on nurses.

“Nurses are not the military where he used to charge and discharge officers willy nil,” Mkandla said. “It is only soldiers who take orders not civilians. Mnangagwa should be reminded that he left the country last year through illegal exit point fleeing such Zanu PF dangers and now he must not subject the nurses to the same treatment he went through,” he said.

“Now they are saying the call back retired nurses to work, would they be happy is the citizens of this country say they are calling back Robert Mugabe to state house? Some of these actions may make people angry and wise and this government must not act stupidly.”

Mkandla said Chiwenga himself lifted the constitution at the time they planed to dislodge Mugabe even though the document was against what they were doing , why did he not wait for Mugabe’s term to end and go for election to be elected.

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