Election fever

The month-end of July will see the birth of the first post independence election without the dictator who ruled our nation by the fist for 37 years. We have seen the beginning of tolerance of political differences as the campaign trail kicked off. The was a dream before, a seemingly unconquerable mission in our country. An era where intimidation and misuse of state machinery was at play and became our daily bread. Besides, political violence is still at play, which is simple deep-rooted in poor party leadership that is failing to promote peace in their political campaign messages. At least some do, but I urge the young man, Chamisa that vying for a win at whatever cost is not what we want. The Odinga style will not be tolerated in our nation, for we had enough bloodshed arising from political violence. It is time we put smiles again on our faces just like the time the nonagenarian was toppled down but this time a smile and joy that we have achieved maturity in our politics.

If a leader cannot control or contain such ruddy behavior, that should worry the populace as to the kind of leader to vote for, that capacity to deliver democracy, and way forward once in the presidium and the image our nation will bear. In the past, we have seem the brutality of using excessive force on innocent citizens airing their views, public intimidation and the spill over of intra-party violence, which of course were key tactics for Mugabe to win elections. Let me remind you that this we buried with Mugabe as we marched him out in November 2017.

The electoral process is simple and of course ZEC has to table fairly conducive conditions that are non-partisan biased, what matters is the individual’s decision of where he or she wants to see Zimbabwe going. There are many promises that different political parties bring forward and many of these are just far fetched and unrealistic. Are we being treated like fools and listening to rhetoric of pulling each others pants down instead of focusing on policies especially how to bring investor confidence, ways to promote our dilapidated education system, health sector, transport system and indeed our economy. Most of these  politicians seem to have lucifer laminated lying degrees and hatred pinned on their foreheads. We are advocating for respect and non-insulting rhetorics yet others seem not to care. When a political leader uses the word of disrespect like ‘chimunhu…’ seriously this is not a person worth putting in office to promote unity of purpose. Some of this anger emanates from the fear of loosing in the upcoming election. This is not the first time that a pact to form a GNU has failed in a bid to selfishly be in power and subverting the electoral rights. We have the right to choose our leaders and not be dictated. So far the MDC-T Alliance is already hinting for a boycott of elections under the cover of ‘electoral reforms’. Only cowards would do so with a goal to renegotiate another GNU. Let me warn these shenanigans that if you boycott you would have given ZANU-PF a straight jackpot to win the election and you will not succeed in forming a GNU with ZANU-PF this time around. On another note, I recall Chamisa hinting that if he losses this upcoming election, he will step down as leader of the MDC-T, a saying hard to fulfill and hence strategizing in boycotting or forming a GNU in order to cling onto power. Mark my words reader, the young man will not relinquish those powers and as I once said, the so called democrats are now the creators of dictator leadership, arm twisting the constitution, and nepotism is all at play and yes we have seen it during the primaries. What more when they are in power?

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