Choppies in ‘sex for work’ scam

One of the country’s leading retail outlets, Choppies Supermarkets has been fingered by the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in a ‘sex for work’ scam where senior management are alleged to be demanding sexual favors from female employees to get jobs and renew their contracts.

This was revealed by ZCTU Women’s Committee Secretary Barbra Tanyanyiwa, during a speech on behalf of the ZCTU Women’s Committee Chairperson Miriam Katumba at the Young Women’s Christian Association in Gweru.

Tanyanyiwa said ZCTU has received several reports that the retail outlet’s management is abusing female employees.She threatened demonstrations at the outlet’s branches countrywide if the problem continues.

“The problem of sexual harassment at the workplace is continuing. I am the President of the Commercial Workers Union and Choppies falls under that sector, we have tried talking to them because we have been receiving complaints from Choppies female workers that they are being sexually harassed but they are afraid to take up their cases because they fear being victimized and losing their jobs,” said Tanyanyiwa.

“So what we have agreed as a union is that we are going to demonstrate against at all Choppies branches until they stop the sexual harassment.The workers said the management say they will not renew contracts if the refuse to sleep with them,” she said.

Tanyanyiwa said the workers at Choppies are given fixed term contracts so that when the female workers now want to renew their contracts the managers demand sexual favours.

She said the abuse should stop and appealed to all other women’s organisation dealing with women’s issues to come on board and assist in these demonstrations to stop the abuses and also bring the perpetrators to buke.

She was reiterating what the ZCTU President had said. The President ,Peter Mutasa who had graced the occasion from Harare, had stated that the supermarket has been fingered for sexual harassment several times.Mutasa threatened to rally its membership and Zimbabweans into boycotting buying from the retail outlet in the country until the abuse stops.

“We have problems of sexual harassment at Choppies and we are saying to them, if you continue to do that we won’t buy from your shops,” Mutasa said.

Choppies Supermarket Chief Operations Manager Athul Mohan however said they have not received any such reports from their employees or anyone.

The commemorations were celebrated under the theme ‘Break the Glass the Sealing, Create Change in the World of Work’. -TheGweruTimes

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