Mnangagwa’s UAE trip funder revealed

The ZANU PF Secretary for Youth Affairs Lewis Matutu has disputed allegations that the trip undertaken by President Emmerson Mnangagwa using an expensive jet recently to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was funded by state coffers.

Matutu alleges that the jet and the whole trip was funded by the United Arab Emirates.

Said Matutu, “President Mnangagwa was invited to UAE and was provided with all the travel arrangements including a private jet to and from UAE. He was also offered the same jet to South Africa before it went back to UAE. HERE WE GO. l have the facts.”

Matutu said anyone that claims to have proof to the contrary must provide evidence.

“I am daring those who were lying that President ED Mnangagwa hired a private jet from UAE using government resources to provide their evidence, l have the facts and l am waiting to shame the enemy majaira kunyepa.”

Matutu further questioned why critics of Mnangagwa’s trips were not talking about the goodies that came for the trip to help the victims of Cyclone Idai in Manicaland.

“From President ED trip to UAE, the country got two cargo planes full of tents, mosquito nets, bulk medical supplies among many other donations for the victims of cyclone Idai. Why are you not talking about it?”

President Mnangagwa recently came under fire from a certain section of citizens who questioned his penchant for expensive jets when the country is wallowing in wanton poverty.

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