Lunar Park comes to Bulawayo

OWNED by Spares Mania and trading as Family Amusement Park, Lunar Park is in Bulawayo for the Easter, Independence holidays and the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair.

Having started in the 1970s, Lunar Park is still a favourite of many, from children to adults. It is mostly popular during the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair period where the owners station the machines close to ZITF grounds for the convenience of those who would have visited the annual trade fair event.

The joyride, the train, the jets, the shells, the boats and the big wheel are all original machines that have been enjoyed since the Lunar Park started.

“Everything is still original since the time when the Lunar Park started, except that we sometimes service the electrical motors. We, of course, want to improve our services and we have engaged others in the industry. Recently we were in South Africa meeting with people from the Association of Lunar Parks so that we try and modernise a bit,” said Mr Witness Chiota who is one of the directors of Family Amusement Park.

The Lunar Park is the only mobile lunar park in Zimbabwe and every month the operators move to a new place, but they have committed to providing their services to Bulawayo for the month of April.

Mr Chiota also said that they had discount prices for those who will be attending the Trade Fair and they were also in the process of acquiring new parts for most of the machines to improve their safety standards.

“We are very excited to notify our customers that we will be in Bulawayo for the whole month of April in preparation for the Trade Fair, they can visit us even before the Trade Fair as we will be moving close to the Trade Fair grounds soon. We are also in the process of procuring new parts for our machines as we try to maximise safety for the customers,” said Mr Chiota.

He added: “We try to stay as original as possible so as to avoid disasters, most of the machines are operated manually and we have aides for every machine to ensure that people are safe at all times. Modernisation is a very good thing but sometimes it can lead to disasters as the machines will be operated by someone who will be far away and cannot see what will be happening on the ground.”

He also said that as part of their efforts to maintain high safety standards they always train their staff in safety related issues.

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