A country of Simpletons

The single major problem with the Zimbabwean society is its predictability.

Take all Zimbabwean newspapers and lay them on the table; the headline theme is simple: Corruption! The corruption scourge runs deep! It has affected everyone from village to the Hill. We are a nation of scheming.

From the village all the way to the council, people used to get in line to be allocated with a piece of land or stand to build a house. Today one has to part with amounts varying from 5,000 – 20,000 dollars for a 400 square meters of land. Ko ma stand ekuforera akaendepi?

Since 1980, all what political parties are interested in is membership drive. Have you noticed that all what political parties are interested in is your membership and your membership fees. They are not interested in your ideas. If you suggest anything, you are asked to join the party at the cell level. The is true with all political parties in Zimbabwe.

ZAPU was the only political party that tried to empower people through skills training and property ownership. This obviously became the biggest threat to the almighty ZANU PF and ZAPU was crushed lick a cockroach and their properties confiscated.

MDC-[] was allocated funds for faring well in the elections but they cannot even run a chicken project. All they want is to be part of the ruling elites. The current MDC leader, Nelson Chamisa goes around the continent to ask respective leaders to persuade Emmerson Mnangagwa into a power sharing arrangement. He does not see that something is very wrong with this picture.

He claims to have the majority supporters in the country. He claims to have won the elections yet he cannot do anything with his majority to make a change in the country. What he wants is to be Mnangagwa’s deputy. Will he start thing only when he becomes Mnangagwa’s deputy? Why can’t he use the millions of dollars from the membership fees and from his political allocation to start projects that sustain his supporters? Even if one day he would be in government, would it not be better to start from somewhere instead of starting from zero?

If ZANU PF and its entire leadership directed a third of their scheming towards helping the country, Zimbabwe will be a middle economy in five years. Forget about everything else; just run the platinum operations from Esigodini professionally and the economy will do an about turnaround in five not 10 years.

The problem however is that raising these pertinent issues results in one being accused of undermining the authority and the consequences are predictable. Our leaders only react positively to praise singers, lies and deception. Because our society has become too corrupt beyond repair, people lye their way to the top. Even the President is buying into these lies.

Unlike former President Robert Mugabe, the current President Emmerson Mnangagwa is pursues deep and subtle strategies. He does not respond like a child but do not think for one day that he is not paying attention or taking action against critics.

What I am asking the country to do is shun corruption. Let us pay attention to the economic policies that have impacted the marginalized. When Mnangagwa took office, he promised to be alert to the failures and indifference of Zimbabwean elites. The current economic policies trends have elevated a dangerous precedence. We were happy to remove Mugabe but we don’t want to regret that our  right reasons to fill the streets have produced the wrong man.

Some around Mnangagwa are completely corrupted by the access to power. We demand leaders who are bold and can only advise the President in good cause.

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