Aid or foreign invasion?

The US government and MIT are now admitting to what most were suspecting all along…as they openly announced (28/03/2019) plan to ChemTrail, that is, spray our skies!

That leaves one to wonder whether the cyclones that we are now experiencing frequently are that ‘natural’ because of ‘climate change or global warming’ or are they a hoax to mask some intended scientific attacks or worse still, research with benefits?!

I strike you with my left hand and bring you aid with my right and you will see me as your saviour? More of like I come carrying the Bible with my right hand and shoot you with my left hand during colonialism? We are forever grateful for the ‘hand’ offered to cyclone victims, but, there is a need for some deep thinking about what has become of them since World War ll. In the name of Aid, they are in a good position to know your bedroom, kitchen, living room and your bathroom-if you know what I mean.

Has Zimbabwe finally got or fell on the enemy lap-with aid being used as a tool to stay put in Zimbabwe? Just following their history in the areas they have assisted so far…..

America usually defends its sanctions policy against a number of countries claiming that it is aimed at changing the behaviour of the foreign governments, but ordinary people in the targeted countries have been bearing the brunt of these sanctions and I’m sorry to say that any native leader or organisation that ventures in the unpatriotic call for sanctions that affects the ordinary innocent lives is not at all people-oriented! And the US Government should be reminded that it has no legitimate jurisdiction over any free World nation outside of the US domestic borders!

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