ZANU PF Propaganda Tsar turns against Mnangagwa’s government

One of ZANU PF’s ZANU PF spin doctors Jones Musara has attacked President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s choice of government officials saying it is stuffed with remnants of former President Robert Mugabe’s officials.

Musara said the older people in ZANU PF are benefiting with youths being left with nothing.

The propaganda official said the people who are now dominating the government of President Mnangagwa were nowhere when the party needed them

Read his full statement below:

See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil has destroyed many countries, governments or parties and therefore should be avoided.

Chinhu ichi should not appear like or be chinhu chavo madhara chete. It should be always Chinhu cheduand that requires Generational blending and Gutsaruzhinji. Madhara akangodya ega as usual as was the case in the Mugabe era then we would be back to Chinhu Chavo. Chinowora chinhu ichi zvikadaro.

When some of us supported Chikara to succeed Mugabe we wanted a new system different from Mugabe system. We wanted a new system where there is Gutsaruzhinji kwete Gutsamashefu or Gutsavashoma chete chete. We wanted more freedom and more Development. We still want that.

That cannot be achieved by dominance of the same folks loyal to Mugabe or new folks opportunists who only started supporting Mnangagwa after he won.

Mnangagwa loyalists both dhalas and youths should be dominating chinhu ichi because ndovanoziva zvinangwa zvatakasarudzira Garwe. Otherwise chinowora chinhu ichi.

Whereas retention of some Mugabe era elements is necessary for experience and institutional memory,the once who should dominate in creation of a new system are ED loyalists both old and young, old faces and new faces not opportunists or Mugabe loyalists. Otherwise chinowora chinhu ichi.

All these politicians and technocrats now dominating chinhu ichi, where were all these people when ED needed help and support most during the succession battle? Chinhu ichi should be dominated by ED loyalists not Opportunists or Mugabe loyalists otherwise chinowora chinhu ichi.

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