Minister Monica Mutsvangwa confirms MRP right

The three board appointments under the Ministry of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services announced today [Wednesday] by Minister Mutsvangwa only serves to confirm that Mthwakazi Republic Party MRP is right, as well justified to fight against institutionalised system of tribalism promoted and sponsored by government.

Today Minister Mutsvangwa released a list of names after she purportedly consulted her president HE president Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa to be members of Transmedia Limited, and there are as follows:

1. Ambassador Mary Mubi Chairperson
2. Clifford Mufiri
3. Raymond Takavarasha
4. Pamela Machingambi
5. Viola Zenenga
6. Margaret Zhou
7. Dalick Marandure

She further appointed the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation board members, who are as follows;

1. Dr Josaya Tal Chairman
2. Ambassador Thomas Bvuma
3. Tsitsi Dangarembizi
4. Heliate Rushwaya
5. Dorothy Mabika
6. Devnanda Popatla
7. Reverend Thompson Dube
8. Brian Mutangandebvu

Finally the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe, and it is as follows;

1. Ambassador Bornface Chidyausiku
2. Tendai Karonga
3. V. Makamure-Nduna
4. Vimbai Nyakudya
5. Chief Mabikwa
6. Oliver Mandipaka
7. Rodney Mazeyewe Lawyer
8. Victoria Spiwe Mamvura.

In a country that still smells of the fresh blood of people between 40 000 and 100 000 killed by the majority tribe on tribal grounds, while some were maimed, or forced disappearance and thousands displaced internal and external, and the issue is yet to be resolved. It is irresponsible to therefore appoint only Shona people in decision making. But we are not surprised by this, it only serves to confirm that we are justified in calling for Mthwakazi Restoration and self-determination.

We will always stand against this kind of nonsense, they are claiming that they are a new dispensation, who doesn’t know it’s still the same thing and it’s getting worse. We can’t be fooled we know this is part of the 1979 Gukurahundi Grand Plan.

Nothing for us without us

Cde Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo is a member of MRP writing in his personal capacity.

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